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Magnetic Sticks Toy

Magnetic Sticks Toy

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31 pieces $18.90
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92 pieces $54.90

All set comes with a storage box for free!

✔️This is considered as the large size for magnetic rod set. (Larger than usual)
✔️5 different quantity to choose from.

Astounding Pastel colors, shapes & models that mesmerize and everyone loves.With rounded edges, children are safe. This product was tested,it is non-toxic, lead free, made of high-quality materials that will withstand hours of playing.

It can be constructed as a huge castle model or as a mini geometric figure.You can create your own toy world as long as the ideas are wild and unreasonable and hands-on.

The best game for developing kids patience, precision and problem-solving skills, while nurturing an artistic perception and conceptual understanding of form and function.

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