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🍉 4 in 1 Steamer and Blender

🍉 4 in 1 Steamer and Blender

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🍉 4 in 1 Steamer and Blender

**Local SG plug**

 Important :

Please test and check your blender when receive.

Blender mode advisory :

Please do not hold the blend button more than 30 seconds each time. Rest for few seconds and continue to blend again. Do not overwork the blender button. There’s no warranty for wear and tear.

This blender jar usage advisory :

1. Remove in and out gently when it is heated. Do not use force to close or open it from the steamer when food is done.

2. Do not wash it when it’s heated. Allow it to cool before washing.

3. Do not drop it

The 4 functions

1. Steam

2. Blend

3. Reheat

4. Defrost

For baby purée recipes by the month of baby please visit :

Please kindly note of the scientific effect :

If you notice a stain on the bottom of your kettle's interior that resembles rust, don't worry! It is not rust, but actually a harmless buildup of minerals called limescale (comprised of mainly calcium carbonate). Limescale is a direct result of heating up water and thus inevitable with all kettles. Depending on the mineral concentration in your water, it is bound to show up sooner or later.

Caution: Scrubbing the bottom of your steamer with steel wool or an abrasive brush will ultimately make limescale worse and may also result in the development of rust. Please use a sponge or soft brush to clean the inside of your steamer.

Have tried and tested the product. It works well!

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