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2 in 1 waterproof trimmer for babies/kids 0-12 years old

2 in 1 waterproof trimmer for babies/kids 0-12 years old

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Innovative design - Independent turbofan: strong suction, sucking most of the broken hair, bullet-proof hair baffle: block the missile hair chips, suck them in, really do the hair while cutting hair; bring hair chip storage, Automatic storage of inhaled hair chips, high-density stainless steel filter to ensure that broken hair is not easy to fall out.

Superior Water Resistance & Detachable - The whole body of the baby hair clipper is waterproof. This waterproof hair clipper can be cleaned and work normally when its body is dipped in the water for a short time.

Advanced Noise Reduction Technology- This ultra-quiet feature can make your baby feel more relaxed reducing their fear of hair cutting. This quiet hair clipper can be used even when the baby is still sleeping

Safe for Baby & Kids - The special widened R-shaped round corner design of the cutting head and the Cullinan ceramic blade, make the outside of the clipper head more rounded, and sharper inside. Which can take good care of your child's sensitive skin.

Package inclusive:

Cord/Cordless Use, Gift Box Package Full Accessories Kit, Including 3 Guide Combs

Charging Cord, Tonsorial Cloth,Cleaning Sponge And Cleaning Bush, Comb, Trimmer Oil

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