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3-in-1 Multi Potty Toilet Seat & Step Stool

3-in-1 Multi Potty Toilet Seat & Step Stool

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3-in-1 Multi Potty Toilet Seat & Step Stool is a potty with 3 great functions: a standalone potty, a potty seat and a bathroom stool. It provides toilet training for boys & girls from potty seat to an adult toilet bowl. This 3-in-1 Multi Potty will grow with your child as they progress in their potty training!

When your child is comfortable, bowel movement will be quicker and more comfortable too! Once your kids are fully toilet-trained, it becomes a toilet stool to stand on.

3-in-1: Standalone potty, Potty seat, Bathroom Stool

Toilet Lid cover for hygiene management after potty training

Urine prevention curve to prevent urine leakage

Removable potty holder for easy clean up after potty

Removable Fluffy PU cover for your child's bum comfort

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