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[5th Gen] Baby Bed Fence

[5th Gen] Baby Bed Fence

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Getting the best outlook with the best functions. What’s better than this?

Easy to install. Available in 3 sizes
1.5m $39.90
1.8m $41.90
2.0m $42.90

Features to highlight :
✨Removable upper and lower bed rail bar! This feature allows bed fence cloth to be easily removed for washing.
✨Super Safety C-clamp zero gap feature. Use bed fence with C-Clamp function for the maximum baby safety.
✨Hanging toys for baby vision development, removable for playing or washing
✨Single side operation - Able to lower just 1 side of the bed fence for convenience.

2021 Latest model safety baby rail guard comes with multiple adjustable height options , customized to fit different thickness of bed mattress between 2~23cm (single, double, twin, queen, king), or different type of bed (kids, leather, solid wood, built-in, flat). 3X stronger aluminium frame structure. Our bed rail is strong enough for your baby to learn to walk by holding onto it, and is safe enough for your baby to bite and chew. Smooth surfaces with delicate craftsmanship without any sharp edges. 100% Safe, non-toxic. No chemical, BPA, phthalate. Smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain. 3X thicker breathable fabric + 100% washable soft hypoallergenic. Enhanced-lock system prevents babies from opening the door accidentally.

Please take note that bed fence will have a difference of 0.05cm to 0.07cm. All the bed fence in the market have slight shortage of cm to be able to fit the bed well.

✔️Every purchase made is for 1 fence. If you need 2 or 3 please select 2 or 3 quantity.

❌Avoid using bed fence as a replacement for play pen. Bed fence is to prevent your baby from falling off the bed while they are sleeping.

✔️Actual length of the bed fence will be slightly shorter to be compatible with the bed frame or mattress.

✔️Please select bed fence according to your mattress or bed frame length. (Whichever is shorter).

❌Avoid choosing a longer bed fence than your bed or mattress as it will not fit well.

🤳PM or drop me at a text for the video guide to assemble.

🙌🏻To move the bed fence down, position yourself in the center, unlock and move it down at the same time.

⚠️ Do not leave child unattended while using the bed fence.

⚠️For all the bed fence selling in the market would have the best result by drilling to the bed frame. It will also work without drilling.

⚠️Misuse of product will be at user sole risk.

⭕️This is a babystore! You may visit us to purchase!

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