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NINE.N Play Matto (play/gym mat)

NINE.N Play Matto (play/gym mat)

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Do you have a toddler learning to walk or a little older child that enjoys jumping and doing somersaults? They can challenge themselves in a fun and safe way with this folding play/gym mat.

We understand that children's skin is more sensitive, so have no fear. This product has been thoroughly tested and approved to be free of any chemicals that could affect your child's skin or health. Allow your child to play and practice walking on this mat; the cushioning will soften the impact of any falls.

Jumping and somersaulting assist a child's coordination and motor abilities improve.


Product details:
Size: 1.1m by 0.5m (Folding) / 1.1m by 2m (Fully)
Thickness: 5cm
Material: Technology Fabric; scratch proof
Colour: Walnut / Off-White / Grey

Things to take notes:
Removable cover
Folds flat; space-saving when not in use.
Wipe-clean quality.
Only recommended for indoor use.

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