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Rechargeable Bluetooth Educational Activity Cube

Rechargeable Bluetooth Educational Activity Cube

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  • Rechargeable Bluetooth Educational Activity Cube

    Bluetooth Activity Cube is one of the educational toy your little angel will love.

    The box is a combination of entertaining educational games.

    The activity cube can be linked with phone or any electronic device via bluetooth to play your child’s favorite melody or children rhymes

    These can benefit the child during play in terms of auditory stimulation.

    Contains engaging educational games in every side.

    Engage young learners to coordinate between colors and shapes.

    Practical training on the ability to understand and differentiate between shapes and colors.

    Enjoyable and beneficial hearing stimulation.

    Visual perception of different colors and shapes .

    The box is made of child-safe plastic that is durable and safe.

    Usb Charging

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