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[PREORDER] The Ultimate KAC Single or Twin Wagon Stroller

[PREORDER] The Ultimate KAC Single or Twin Wagon Stroller

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The ultimate KAC twin wagon stroller, the innovative wagon stroller with different accessories that is design with fine details like raised seats which allows kids to sit comfortably like a chair, peek window while protecting them from dust and dirts and much more! Read further for details :


Easy Maneuvering: Compared with the normal wagon, this KAC wagon features larger suspension wheels, with the BIG rear wheels that are better suited to handle uneven surfaces like stone roads and cracks in sidewalks. It also provide improved suspension and cushioning, which helps to alleviate bumps and vibrations, providing increased comfort for babies. Additionally, larger wheels usually mean better maneuverability, allowing for easier turning and handling in narrow areas.

Adjustable: The handlebar and the fabric on the canopy are adjustable, so you can adjust them to suit your needs. With the multi-purpose kids stroller wagon, you can enjoy outdoor activities with your kids while keeping them safe and comfortable. It is a versatile and convenient solution for parents who want to make the most of their time outside.

Wagon has canopy and double layer side curtains, 4 carry bags and 4 utility mesh pockets, which provide a perfect equipment for your family to take a trip to camping or outside walk.

Huge inner space and leg space for 2 kids in the wagon

2 Removable raised seats with 5 points harness

Removable tray in between for kids to put their snacks and drinks


Canopy and the side curtains that has 2 layers of protection from mosquito, sun protection and privacy.  Another layer of side curtain allows kids to have shade and at the same time a small window to look on the outside


Your purchase includes :

4 x storage bags

4 x mesh utility pockets

1 x Top rectangular canopy with double layer side curtains

1 x Food tray

2 x Raised seats with 5 point harness


Add on option (Seperate purchase)

Retractable canopy x 1 or 2 quantity


2 steps easy folding



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